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Age Of Transmission – Vr Game – Global Game Jam 18

Details are coming soon

Defence of the Wavecraft 4

Defence of the Wavecraft – 2017 Global Game Jam – Unity 5 GameEngine C#

Created With: Unity 5 Global Game Jam 2017 The context is “Wave” Story: There are multiple enemies coming towards players base and before they reach to the base…

for steam1

The Tension – Now On STEAM

Now on steam! The game is almost complete. There will be a new video and steam greenlight link very soon. Here are some pictures and a video…

Survival Game Demo – Free Time Game – Unity 5 Game Engine – C#

Ohm! – 2016 Global Game Jam – Unity 5 Game Engine – C#

Snap It! – Dissertation (Distinction) – Unity 5 Game Engine – C#

3D Boat Sliding Game – Assignment – C++ – OpenGL

The Maze – Assignment – XNA – C#