Survival Game Demo – Free Time Game – Unity 5 Game Engine – C#

Created From: C#, Unity 3D

Survival Game Demo

This game created to improve my code and Unity knowledge. Its not complete and it only shows some functionalities.

First of all, the main system of the game is gathering resources as this is a survival game. At the current stage of the game player only can collect wood from threes which can be seen on the left side of the player. This system works using raycasting. Once the trees health finish it start falling.  After a certain time tree vanishes completely and replace its position with coconut and woods.

There is an inventory system in the game. By pressing “I” button players can open and close the tab. This inventory created by using Json. Each item is draggable and if player collects wood the number increase.

The 4 kind of bar on the left top of the screen represents the health, hunger, thirst and stamina. You can see these decreasing accordingly. If player run or use their axe then they will also loose stamina.

In the sea there is an underwater effect. This is created by using blue fog and players speed decreased slightly.


The Folder for Source code and executable:


The file contains all the source codes and the executable file inside the rar.

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