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Ohm! – 2016 Global Game Jam – Unity 5 Game Engine – C#

Created From: C#, Unity 3D

Global Game Jam 2016
The context is “Ritual”

The Story: The main character is doing a ritual which allows her to fly. But her power has limits so she can create some locations that she can actually do the ritual and in other places she goes downwards. She should collect the diamonds in the air in order to get points and avoid falling which causes you to fail the game.

This game created in around 20 hours from 29th Jan 2016 to 31st Jan 2016


The Folder for Source code and executable:


The file contains all the source codes and the executable file inside the rar.

For further details you can contact me from:

yigittatlipinar@hotmail.com or you can call me from 07530439633