Dissertation Project, City University London

Created From: C#, Unity 5


Mark: 72

Dissertation project for Computer Game Technology MSc

This project under marking process and due to avoid self-plagiarism project itself and the details didn’t publish yet. Once the results of it published here will be edited and the build steps will be seen.

The project created using Unity game engine. It’s about building 3D models until its complete.  For this project a Mustang model used. There are systems which allow users to drag the objects and snap them when mouse released. The position of the each object can be saved and load.


The Folder for Source code and executable:


MSc in Computer Games Technology

The document above contain the dissertation report which talk greatly about the project.

The file has a password. The reason for that is because the university requested not to publish our source codes freely. According to them, some other students might want to get it and use it for themselves. If you would like to open the file, please do contact me and I will provide the password.

yigittatlipinar@hotmail.com or you can call me from 07530439633